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Working from home is a new way of life for many Americans since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. However, many still don’t know what they are entitled to in this new work-from-home world. For example, do you still have workers’ compensation eligibility when working from home? It’s a very interesting question and Tabak Law has some good answers for you.

Do You Still Have Workers’ Compensation Rights When You’re WFH?

With the pandemic in 2020, the working landscape of the world changed drastically. For Americans, suddenly more people were working from home than ever before, and though some began a return to the office, many offices have taken advantage of working from home as a modern standard of work. Many employees have loved this, even taking it into consideration when choosing jobs and careers.

This is all well and good, but it has sparked many ethical debates. Among them are what exactly are your rights as a worker if you are working from home. There are many issues to explore here and many legal arguments that have yet to be tested in the court of law. You have to remember, by design, the law is slow to change and adapt. For the most part, this is a good thing, but it can make the law difficult to navigate within the context of rapidly shifting work trends.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Apply to Office Jobs?

Man with hurt back at desk

Before we take a long look, it’s healthy to know what worker’s compensation even is. Essentially if you are injured or hurt at work, worker’s compensation acts as a sort of insurance that can pay for medical bills and even provide compensation for economic loss.

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Most of the jobs that switched to work from home were office jobs, and you may not think that worker’s compensation applies in that field, but it certainly does. If you twist your ankle heading to the water cooler, you are covered under worker’s compensation. Why? Because that injury wouldn’t have happened if you were not in the workplace.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Apply to WFH?

If you are injured while working at home, you can still have a worker’s compensation claim. The law is actually very broad right now, and essentially, if you are currently working, even if you have walked away from your desk for a bathroom break or to get a glass of water, any injury you receive is still covered under workers’ compensation.

The logic may seem a little fuzzy but it makes sense. Your place of employment put you in the situation where the accident occurred, even though no one directly caused the accident, there is an indirect cause through your employment.

What Does Work-Related Mean for Worker’s Compensation?

File a Workers’ Comp Claim For a Work From Home Accident in Wisconsin

If you were recently hurt while working from home in Wisconsin, then you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Seek the help of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney like those at Tabak Law. Our Milwaukee-based firm has helped countless people injured during the course of work get the benefits that they deserve. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.

Workers’ Compensation Payment Amounts for 2022 in Wisconsin

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