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Appealing a Social Security Disability Denial vs Filing a New Claim

appealing social security denial vs filing new claim

Social Security Disability benefits exist to assist individuals who are unable to work due to a long-term or permanent disability. And since everyone pays into this program, it’s understandably frustrating if you apply for these benefits, yet get denied by the Social Security Administration. But the fact is, approximately 70 percent of applicant are initially…

What Conditions Are Covered by SSDI Insurance in Milwaukee, WI?

SSDI Insurance Lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Those who apply for SSDI insurance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, should arm themselves with patience. Not only is the application review process lengthy, but two-thirds of the claims receive a negative response from the Disability Determination Bureau. To ensure the Bureau approves their claim and they receive the response faster, many applicants choose to work with…

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Loss of Earning Capacity In Wisconsin

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Workers Compensation

With more than 50,000 new cases of CRPS being diagnosed in the United States each year it is not uncommon to see an injured worker dealing with this horrible disease after a suffering a work injury. Unfortunately, the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can be utterly debilitating leaving the injured worker unemployable. The question…

Injuries Covered by Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation

Milwaukee's work injury attorneys

Injuries Covered by Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation The worker’s compensation law of Wisconsin defines an injury as any mental or physical harm due to workplace accidents or diseases, including accidental damage to artificial limbs, dental appliances and teeth. Injuries covered include:  Physical harm or injury such as bruises, burns, cuts, fractures, crushing injuries, hernias, sprains,…

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