2019 Veterans Disability Compensation Rates

July 19, 2018

Following several years of minimal or non-existent increases, the Veterans Disability Compensation Rates saw a cost of living increase in 2018 with a 2% bump. The 2017 increase was only 0.3% and there was no increase in 2016. The 2018 increase is the largest increase since 2012.

This cost of living increase for benefits was a positive for veterans who rely on the benefits to get along in their daily lives. The new rates were effective as of Dec. 1, 2017.

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Anyone who was injured or became seriously ill while serving in a military capacity may be eligible for benefits, which may include VA disability compensation. The process of what constitutes a service-connected injury and subsequently figuring out the percentage of disability that exists is something that needs to be vetted out ahead of time. But those that do qualify could be in line for life-saving benefits.

2019 Veterans Disability Compensation Rates

The 2019 VA Disability rates will be 2.8% based on the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) increase that was announced by the Social Security Administration. To calculate the VA disability rate increase the average of the indices of July, August, and September 2018 was compared with the 2017 3rd quarter average. 2019 disability rates will be effective December 1, 2018.

Below is a chart that outlines the full 2018 Veterans Disability Compensation Rates. Use this as a guide, depending on your condition.

2020 Veterans Disability Compensation Rates

2018 Veterans Disability Compensation Rates

VA Disability Rating: 10% – 20% (No Dependents)


VA Disability Rating: 30%-60% Without Children

Dependent Status30%40%50%60%
Veteran Alone$417.15$600.90$855.41$1,083.52
Veteran with Spouse Only$466.15$666.90$937.41$1,182.52
Veteran with Spouse and One Parent$505.15$719.90$1,003.41$1,261.52
Veteran with Spouse and Two Parents$544.15$772.90$1,069.41$1,340.52
Veteran with One Parent$456.15$653.90$921.41$1,162.52
Veteran with Two Parents$495.15$706.90$987.41$1,241.52
Additional for A/A$46.00$61.00$76.00$91.00

VA Disability Rating: 70%-100% Without Children

Dependent Status70%80%90%100%
Veteran Alone$1,365.48$1,587.25$1,783.68$2,973.86
Veteran with Spouse Only$1,481.48$1,719.25$1,932.68$3,139.67
Veteran with Spouse and One Parent$1,574.48$1,825.25$2,051.68$3,272.73
Veteran with Spouse and Two Parents$1,667.48$1,931.25$2,170.68$3,405.79
Veterans with One Parent$1,458.48$1,693.25$1,902.68$3,106.92
Veteran with Two Parents$1,551.48$1,799.25$2,021.68$3,239.98
Additional for A/A$106.00$122.00$137.00$152.06

VA Disability Rating: 30%-60% With Children

Dependent Status30%40%50%60%
Veteran with Spouse and Child$503.15$714.90$998.41$1,255.52
Veteran with Child Only$450.15$644.90$910.41$1,149.52
Veteran with Spouse, One Parent and Child$542.15$767.90$1,064.41$1,334.52
Veteran with Spouse, Two Parents and Child$581.15$820.90$1,130.41$1,413.52
Veteran with One Parent and Child$489.15$697.90$976.41$1,228.52
Veteran with Two Parents and Child$528.15$750.90$1,042.41$1,307.52
Each Additional Schoolchild Over Age 18$79.00$61.00$76.00$91.00
Add for Each Additional Child Under 18$24.00$32.00$41.00$49.00
Additional for A/A spouse$46.00$61.00$76.00$91.00

VA Disability Rating: 70%-100% With Children

Dependent Status70%80%90%100%
Veteran with Spouse and Child$1,566.48$1,816.25$2,041.68$3,261.10
Veteran with Child Only$1,442.48$1,675.25$1,882.68$3,084.75
Veteran with Spouse, One Parent and Child$1,659.48$1,922.25$2,160.68$3,394.16
Veteran with Spouse, Two Parents and Child$1,752.48$2,028.28$2,279.68$3,217.81
Veteran with One Parent and Child$1,535.48$1,781.25$2,001.68$3,217.81
Veteran with Two Parents and Child$1,628.48$1,887.25$2,120.68$3,350.87
Add for Each Additional Child Under Age 18$57.00$65.00$74.00$82.38
Each Additional Schoolchild Over Age 18$186.00$212.00$239.00$266.13
Additional for A/A spouse$106.00$122.00$137.00$152.06

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