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Do you have a pending Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim? Are you waiting on the results of a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim? It can sometimes take months for a claim to be processed and approved – it took an average of 169 days in the last quarter of 2021. When you are hurt and on a fixed income, that is a long time to wait for Social Security Disability benefits and you may have asked – can I speed up my SSDI disability claim? Yes – and you can learn how with this quick overview created by Tabak Law.

How To Speed Up a Social Security Disability Claim

Yes – you can expedite the process of your Social Security disability claim and our team of experienced attorneys at Tabak Law can help. When you are faced with specific medical conditions, dire personal circumstances or have served in the U.S. armed forces, the Social Security Administration (SSA) can speed up the process. There are also additional steps you can take to speed up the process and receive your benefits faster.

Compassionate Allowances

Persons with specific medical conditions and an open disability claim are eligible for a Compassionate Allowance that covers more than 250 illnesses, injuries, cancers and disorders. You should not have to request a Compassionate Allowance – it should be automatically granted – but it never hurts to put those conditions into your claim.

Terminal Illness

Claimants who have a terminal illness will be automatically considered for an expedited process by the Social Security Administration. Illnesses and conditions that qualify for this exception include ALS, AIDS, malignant or Stage IV cancer, hospice care and pending transplants.

Financial Need

Are you struggling to make ends meet due to your disability? Individuals who cannot afford food, medicine and shelter or are faced with eviction or foreclosure can expedite the insurance claim as a Dire Need Case. This exception can be filed via a phone call or with a “dire need letter”.

Military Service Disability

Military veterans who have an open SSDI insurance claim and were disabled as part of active service with a 100% Permanent and Total disability rating are eligible for expedited processing with the Social Security Administration.

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Other Ways To Speed Up the Claims Process

Not sure if you fit into any of the categories listed above? There are other ways to help speed up the claims process. Enlist the help of an attorney at Tabak Law and we can help walk you through the process and ensure you have the correct information on your form for expedited processing. 

Are you still struggling to get your claim processed? You can contact your local senator or house representative to inquire about your claim. If your claim is caught up in an appeals hearing, you can waive the 75-day notice and potentially schedule a hearing at an earlier date. You can also submit an On-the-Record Request to speed up the process.

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Can you speed up your SSDI disability claim? Yes – you can – and we can tell you how at Tabak Law. Contact the Tabak Law Team today to learn more about what conditions qualify for automatic disability in Wisconsin!

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