Receiving social security disability insurance (SSDI) from the Social Security Administration is a complex and challenging process. It is time-consuming and can extend many months before you even receive word if your disability claim has been approved.

Even after you have waited three to five months to find out if you are eligible for SSDI benefits, you may soon be disappointed to realize you have been denied for your disability. This does not mean that your fight for SSDI is over. A Milwaukee disability lawyer can help. Your social security attorney in Milwaukee will help you through the difficult appeals process to help you secure the SSDI benefits that you deserve for your disability.

There are four levels within the Social Security Administration’s appeals process. Each level has key steps that need adhering to in your case. Your disability attorneys in Milwaukee can guide you through each step of the legal process to obtain SSDI.

During the reconsideration stage, your disability claim will be reviewed by another person within the Social Security Administration that has not seen your claim before. Disability lawyers in Milwaukee can prepare your case for review in the reconsideration stage so that you can receive a favorable outcome in your SSDI case.

If you would receive a denial of benefits after reconsideration, your case will move forward to a hearing. Here, your case will be heard before an administrative law judge. The judge will listen to your case and the evidence presented to determine if your disability claim should be approved.

You have a right to have disability lawyers in Milwaukee on your side during your hearing. Your social security attorney in Milwaukee, WI, will present your case and prove the extent of your disability. You deserve SSDI benefits and your disability attorney in Milwaukee will fight for your legal rights.

Following a hearing, if you still are denied SSDI benefits, you have a right to a review by an appeals council. This means that an appeals council will re-review your case or they will have an administrative law judge review it again. They will make a decision on whether or not your disability claim will be eligible for SSDI benefits.

Lastly, your option is to file for a federal court review should you receive a denial of benefits after an appeals council review. This is just like any other court case where a judge is present and will decide if you should receive SSDI benefits.

Your Milwaukee disability attorneys will represent you through every step of your appeal for SSDI benefits. They can get you the compensation you deserve for your disability. They will fight for your legal rights and help to secure SSDI benefits that will provide you with medical coverage and compensation.

Let your disability lawyers in Milwaukee work for you. They are ready to take your case and provide you with a consultation to discuss your SSDI case. You have a right to SSDI benefits and your disability attorney in Milwaukee, WI, will fight for these rights.

Your disability lawyers in Milwaukee can build a case that wins during an appeal. They can help you get SSDI benefits, no matter the disability or challenges you are facing. Disability lawyers in Milwaukee, WI can provide you with the best outcome during an appeal for SSDI benefits. Your disability lawyers in Milwaukee will give you the legal options that are available to you. They can win your SSDI case during an appeal. Let them help you today.

How can Disability Lawyers in Milwaukee Help Me?

Your Milwaukee disability lawyer can help you with the filing process for SSDI. They are also instrumental if you receive a denial of benefits from the Social Security Administration. Your social security attorney will represent you during your appeals hearing through each step of your appeal.

Having a disability attorney in Milwaukee, WI, on your side when you are fighting an appeal of SSDI benefits, you can rest assured that your case is handled. Milwaukee social security lawyers know the laws for SSDI. They know how to secure you the benefits you need for your disability. They can fight for you and will win your case.

Contact a Social Security Law Attorney in Milwaukee

If you have received a denial of SSDI benefits, you need a disability lawyer in Milwaukee that you can trust on your side. The Milwaukee SSDI attorneys at Tabak Law LLC can help. They will fight your denial and represent you through the entire appeals process. They can win your case and get you the benefits you deserve for your disability. Contact your Milwaukee disability lawyers at Tabak Law LLC to set up a consultation.

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