Many people have reservations about talking to a lawyer. There’s a good chance someone facing a disability for the first time has never spoken to a lawyer before. This unfamiliarity creates a world of unknowns – and any previous perception of what a lawyer is comes rushing to mind. 

But in reality, getting in touch with an attorney about a social security disability claim improves the chances the claim will be approved. This applies to the initial application and any appeal on an already denied claim. 

Do I need a Lawyer for a Disability Claim? 

Nearly 70% of initial social security disability claims are denied. While there may be a plethora of reasons why, the fact is, if everyone had an attorney the first time, that number would be lower. 

Lawyer Help on Initial Disability Claim

The initial disability application may seem basic, but there are many intricacies that an attorney can help out on that are often overlooked. A lawyer can help align your case’s facts, including your alleged onset date, which greatly affects your payment timeline. They can also help argue that your condition qualifies among the listed impairments in the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) blue book. 

Statistics show that social security disability applicants who are represented by an attorney have a higher approval rate than those that apply without representation. The SSA can more clearly see the case for application when all the data and facts are laid out appropriately, which an attorney can do. 

Lawyer Help at Disability Appeal

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In disability cases that are appealing a claim denial, an attorney becomes even more crucial. Individuals will have difficulty gathering the amount of evidence and documentation needed to successfully appeal a disability claim that has been denied. 

Specifically, a lawyer can get an opinion from a doctor and submit medical evidence favorable to the case. An attorney can also prepare someone for questions that will come up in front of an Administrative Law Judge. 

If the appeal is on the federal level, a lawyer can provide legal arguments to show that the SSA should not have denied the claim. Again, preparing this documentation and articulating it properly in front of judges is difficult for someone to do successfully without an attorney. 

When Should I Call a Lawyer for My Disability Case? 

Often, a mistake is that people wait until they are already in-process with their case or have been denied benefits to get an attorney involved. While this is a point that help is needed, a lawyer can be consulted much earlier in the process. 

Lawyers offer free consultations, and there is no obligation at this point of the relationship. As mentioned earlier, simply having legal representation behind you during the initial application increases the chances of being approved. Avoiding the appeals process by getting approved on the initial claim is ideal. 

If the disability claim has already been denied, it’s especially crucial to have an attorney involved. Things get more challenging during the appeals process, and an attorney can help sort through, make sure dates aren’t missed, and give a better chance of being approved. Approximately half of all disability cases ultimately get approved, meaning a large chunk of initially denied claims do get approved after going through the appeals process. 

If you need help with your initial disability application or have been denied benefits, the Tabak Law attorneys can help. The team at Tabak has a wealth of experience getting disability claims approved. Call today at 800-245-1430. Tabak Law is nationwide, providing disability attorneys for New Orleans, Milwaukee, St. Louis and many other areas throughout the United States.

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