There are a few times where people will spend months in the hospital not because of an illness or condition, but because of an injury. Unexpected injuries from car accidents, house fires, and even accidents on the job can change someone’s entire life. It can derail their home life, but their families in grave financial risk and make it impossible ever fully to recover. If something like this happens to you, you should call an experienced Milwaukee, WI SSD attorney for help.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury could be the result of a bad car accident, or even a home improvement project went wrong. These types of injuries can result in personality changes, severe mood swings, the inability to control certain body functions, and more. Through a traumatic brain injury, people can lose their speech abilities, communication abilities, and even basic reasoning skills.

Because each TBI cause is quite unique, it’s likely that these patients will spend months in the hospital. They will receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy, and may require surgical intervention as well.

Burns and Burn Treatment Methods

Severe burns will often require that someone be in the hospital for weeks or months. Not only are these injuries a huge risk for unexpected downturns, but these patients simply aren’t able to leave the clean environment of the hospital.

Third-degree burns will often require special cleaning from hospital staff at multiple times a day, along with bandage changes and other treatments. Depending on the extent of the burns, the patient may require intravenous fluids, ointments, pain medication, special diets, or even warm and humid environments.

Hospitals cater to managing severe burns by containing these needs within a specific unit. Often the people here will be well-aware of the demands of cleanliness and constant watch for changes in health and wellness.

Not only will burn victims often spend weeks or months in a hospital receiving care for the burn itself, but they will also return to the hospital frequently. Given the damage from burns, they will likely need various or multiple skin graft or reconstructive surgeries. During this time, it may be difficult to do things such as go to work or school regularly. Parents of children may find it difficult to maintain their employment as they spend time helping their child recover.

Skin grafting and various other treatments that come with burn recovery will often not keep people out of commission for a year. Because of that, many burn victims will choose to move straight from medical treatment to cosmetic grafting so they can access the necessary disability resources. It’s not as if these patients don’t need financial assistance, but often they have to fight diligently for support during their aftercare.

Transfer Between Hospital and Hospice or a Recovery Center

As hospitals are reaching capacity or simply can’t accommodate long-term care patients, these patients get shipped to either hospice or recovery centers. While some of these centers simply provide the basics, others go above and beyond. For many families, these types of centers are a god-send in that they have specialists with training and experience that hospital-based doctors simply don’t have.

The Houston Chronicle covered a particular recovery center that was frequently identifying their new patients as not in a coma or vegetative. The expose covered numerous cases where people were drifting between consciousness and thought while also being completely unresponsive. In one case, these doctors identified that a patient was both aware of who he was and where he was, that same patient had been diagnosed as vegetative. The family had been told they should remove the feeding tube to speed up the process of allowing the patient to die.

Can a Milwaukee, WI SSD Attorney Do Anything In These Situations?

A social security disability law firm in Milwaukee can have a substantial impact on how you manage your recovery. For people who are in the hospital for months, they may likely see disability without too much of a fight. However, the common mistakes on an application can delay families from receiving the disability aid that they need for their household.

After any injury, you should put in for disability to see if you apply. A Milwaukee, WI SSD attorney should explain if you meet the minimum state requirements or not. If you do, you may still get a denial even if you fill out the form completely and correctly. Attorneys in this situation will thoroughly review your applications to ensure that you have all the necessary supporting documents and complete information for the best possible outcome.

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