If your child has Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) or some other autism spectrum disorder, you are probably struggling to cover the expenses associated with their treatment from one month to the next. Your case is not singular, but there is a solution available – social security disability benefits.  

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction reports that more than 11,000 children with Autism Spectrum Disorders receive special education throughout the state. The number of children diagnosed with the disorder is probably much higher, as many parents in Wisconsin and especially Milwaukee do not even consider special education,  enrolling their children in standard educational programs or educating them at home.

The huge costs play an important role in the parents’ decision, reaching significant amounts. According to the findings of a team of researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, parents spend between $67,000 and $72,000 every year to care for their children with autism. Under these circumstances, receiving social security disability benefits would be very helpful for them.

Unfortunately, obtaining such benefits for a child suffering from autism spectrum disorder and especially PDD-NOS in Milwaukee is not easy, and many claims are rejected. Those intending to file a claim should consult a social security disability benefits attorney with experience in Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified claims.

As the latter will explain, PDD-NOS is the most difficult to prove autism spectrum disorder. The claimant has to document their eligibility from both medical and technical point of view. This can take time and exhaustive paperwork. It is a huge challenge, especially for single parents or those with a precarious financial situation who depend on their job to make a living and dedicate all their remaining time to their children.

Moreover, since claims take months to receive an answer and the answer is often negative, it is important to ensure their approval in the initial stage. A Milwaukee social security disability benefits lawyer can help with the preparation of the claim, and even handle an appeal if it becomes necessary.

Being familiar with Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified cases, they will know exactly what documents to submit and how to arrange them in order to obtain a favorable verdict.

What Type of Benefits Are Available for Milwaukee Children with PDD-NOS?

There are two social security disability programs in force in Wisconsin: SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). The former program is available to residents who have a work history and some minimum tax contributions.

Since that is not usually the case of children, the most viable option remains SSI. However, each case is different, so it helps to consult a social security disability lawyer. As the latter will explain, PDD-NOS is the diagnosis doctors usually apply to patients who do not meet the criteria for autistic disorder or Asperger syndrome entirely, so everyone perceives this type of autism as the least severe.

Obtaining SSI Benefits for a Child with PDD-NOS in Milwaukee

The parent is the one filing the claim for social security disability benefits on behalf of the child. If they hire an attorney, the latter can do it for them. Perhaps the most important part of the claim is to show that, due to the Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, the child has severe physical and functional limitations that do not allow them to perform activities appropriate for their age.

The SSI claim will have to show that the child has developmental deficits when it comes to social interaction, communication skills (verbal and nonverbal), and imaginative activities. The SSA representatives reviewing the documentation will try to assess the child’s interest and activities. The documentation can include:

  • Medical reports
  • Test results
  • Clinical findings
  • Statements from professional adults interacting with the child regularly, and more

Since SSI is a welfare program based on needs, besides the child’s level of disability, the financial situation of the family will matter as well. Upon reviewing a claim, the SSA will look at the parents earned and unearned income and at their financial resources. They will deduct:

  • Food stamps
  • Foster care payments
  • Property tax refunds
  • Disaster assistance payments
  • Child support, produce for personal consumption
  • Other types of resources every social security disability benefits lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, is familiar with

Hire a Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer in Milwaukee to Help with Your PDD-NOS Claim

Was your child diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified or some other Autism Spectrum Disorder? You may be entitled to social security disability benefits. At Tabak Law, we can help you understand and defend your rights. All you have to do is call 844-432-0114 and schedule a review of your case with one of our social security disability benefits lawyers in Milwaukee with experience PDD-NOS. The first consultation is always FREE!


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