st-louis-back-injury-lawyer There are only a few things in life worse than becoming too disabled to work, but subsequently having your disability insurance claim denied or terminated is certainly one of them. How are you supposed to carry on without your disability insurance benefits? The insurance company certainly does not care, luckily Tabak Law does.

If you have been wrongfully denied short or long term disability benefits by your employer, you should contact one of our experienced attorneys immediately.Studies consistently show individuals represented by a qualified disability attorney have up to a 600 percent greater chance of success than those who go it alone or hire the wrong disability lawyer. Contact Tabak Law, LLC for a FREE case evaluation.

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    Speak With A Disabilty Attorney Today!
    We encourage you to contact us if you are considering applying for disability income benefits or if you have been denied total or partial disability benefits. For a free consultation contact one of our disability attorneys by calling (414) 351-4400 or contacting us online. We know that it’s not always easy to get to an attorney, so we offer home and hospital visits for your convenience.
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