To apply for disability benefits from the federal government there are different requirements depending on whether you are applying for SSI (Social Security Insurance) or SSDI (social security disability insurance benefits). If you are applying for SSI benefits you must go, in person, to your local Social Security office,
(call 800-772-1213 to determine the location).
If you are applying for SSDI (social security disability benefits) you can do this online at or in person.

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    What can we help you with today?

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    Are you currently receiving disability benefits?

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    Are you currently working full-time?

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    Can you provide details on your disability case?

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    What’s your name?

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    Thanks ! Can you provide your contact details?

    The Social Security Administration does not allow you to apply online for SSI benefits, only SSDI.
    Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance in Person

    If you are not familiar with filling out forms online, or if you’d like to be able to ask someone questions as you fill out the forms online, you may want to go into the Social Security office or contact our disability attorney handle your claim for you. If you decide to go into your local Social Security office, the field representative will lead you through the following paper forms:

    Applying for Disability Online

    If you decide to file online, you may need some guidance filling in these forms. To apply online, you’ll need to enter information such as dates of employment, your employers’ names, your spouse’s information, and contact information for the doctors and hospitals you’ve visited.

    If you cannot complete the application in one sitting you can get started now and save your application and go back to it as many times as you need. (Keep track of the application number you are assigned)
    Contact Tabak Law for a Complimentary Consultation
    If you would rather have an experienced disability attorney complete your application and handle your social security claim–from the initial application all the way until you receive the compensation you deserve contact Tabak Law, LLC at (414) 351-4400.
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