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Social Security Disability

Can I Receive Both SSDI Benefits and Workers Compensation in Milwaukee, WI?

If you have been disabled, you may be curious about which benefits you are able to receive. This can be especially confusing if the injury you receive happened at work and left you disabled or unable to work. Are you able to receive both SSDI benefits and workers compensation at the same time? The short… Read more

Social Security Disability

What Can a Milwaukee Family Use SSI Child Disability Funds On?

Since your child who receives SSI child disability is not able to purchase their own items, you will be a representative payee for them. This means that you are held responsible for using the funds in an appropriate manner and to also keep records of how you spend the payments in case a representative of… Read more

Veteran Disability Lawyer Milwaukee Wisconsin
Social Security Disability

Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits in Milwaukee?

Are Veterans Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits? If you are a veteran of the military in the United States and suffer an injury, then you may qualify for as much as $3,400 per month in social security disability benefits in Milwaukee. These benefits are paid to veterans who have suffered injuries as a result… Read more

Social Security Disability

How Can I Reopen a Prior Disability Claim in Milwaukee?

Anyone who has been through the application process for disability benefits can attest that getting those benefits is anything but quick and easy. Applicants commonly face multiple denials during the application process, and it isn’t unusual for claimants to have a prior application which was denied before a new ongoing claim. In some cases, prior… Read more

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