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Workers Compensation

How do I appeal my Workers’ Comp Denial in Wisconsin?

You were hurt at work. You reported the injury to your employer, sought medical attention, and filed a workers’ compensation claim. You did everything right. Yet, your claim was denied. The above scenario happens to many Wisconsin workers. Even though it seems obvious that you should be approved for workers’ compensation benefits to help compensate… Read more

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Workers Compensation

Do you Suffer From Back Pain After Years of Work?

  Tabak Law’s workers compensation department specializes in aiding injured worker’s. If you suffer with back pain after years of work you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. Give us a call today for a RISK FREE consultation. Pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting, bending, twisting: Some jobs require a great deal of physical work; but… Read more

Workers Compensation

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and Wisconsin Work Comp

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Connecting Scheduled and Unscheduled Injuries in Wisconsin Workers Compensation. Since 1993, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) has become the term used by health professionals to describe the condition formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy now CRPS-I, and Causalgia now CRPS-II. Both CRPS types I and II are characterized with excessive or… Read more

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Workers Compensation

Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Three-Day Waiting Period

A question that we often field at Tabak Law is, why am I not entitled to lost wages for every day I miss? I will aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the often time nuanced “three day waiting period rule” below. Three-Day Waiting Period In addition to medical, hospital and doctors’ expenses, the law… Read more

Workers Compensation

2017 LIRC Case Summary from Wisconsin’s top workers compensation law firm

Below please find a summary of several important cases along with the a summary of the decisions that LIRC made in 2017. These decisions will continue to shape Wisconsin worker’s compensation in the years to come. LIRC DECISIONS Vera v. Southwest Airlines, WCC# 2015-020808 (LIRC July 28, 2017) Goman v. Tutor-Perini Corp, wee #2015-011682 (LIRC August… Read more

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Workers Compensation

Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Settlement Chart

At Tabak Law our experienced team of Wisconsin worker’s compensation  attorneys understand that not every Wisconsin workers compensation claim follows a simple and straightforward path. That is why we are here to help you along the way. If you have been injured at work contact Tabak Law for a risk free consultation to ensure you… Read more

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Workers Compensation

What If my Employer doesn’t have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

WHAT IS THE WORKER’S COMPENSATION UNINSURED EMPLOYERS FUND? The worker’s compensation Uninsured Employers Fund (UEF) pays worker’s compensation benefits on valid worker’s compensation claims filed by employees who are injured while working for illegally uninsured Wisconsin employers. When a compensable worker’s compensation claim is filed, the UEF pays the injured employee worker’s compensation benefits as… Read more

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