It is easy to get frustrated when it comes to applying for disability. After all, a large percentage of claims get denied the first time – as high as 70%. But the good news is that for those willing to put in the work – which often includes getting an attorney involved – can often end up ultimately being approved after their initial denial. Approximately half of the cases that are appealed end up being approved for those that have a strong case and continue to pursue the disability benefits they deserve.

Initial SSD Claims are Often Denied

The fact that initial social security disability claims are initially denied is important for all individuals to know. The Social Security Administration (SSA) isn’t in the business of simply handing out benefits, which may factor into the initial denials, as this may discourage people that are simply applying to see if they can get approved. But unfortunately, this also means that many individuals that have a legitimate claim are denied in the initial round.

Another factor is that individuals often file their initial claim themselves, which often leaves out prudent details that a professional would not. People with a valid claim that have been denied then often get a professional involved, which greatly increases the chances to get their claim improved and start benefits.

What is the Most Approved Disability?

According to a recent survey, when it comes to initial disability applications, multiple sclerosis and cancer have the highest rate of approval, which is around 64-68%. Second to those are respiratory disorders and joint disease, which come in at around 40-47%.

Approval ratings after a hearing takes place show even more optimistic stats for approval. Disorders that affect someone’s overall aptitude and IQ are the highest in this scenario, at 88%. Multiple sclerosis approval ratings are at 80% in this stage, as well as heart failure. Certain types of diabetes and stroke have approval ratings around 70% at this stage.

Of course, anyone with a legitimate disability has a case. But approvals are not at 100% due to many factors. Claimants must prove that the disease or disability alters their daily lives and hinders their ability to work full time, which is not always the case.

The Best Way to Get Approved for Disability

Overall, when it comes to the statistics of being approved for disability, getting a lawyer involved greatly improved the odds – whether on the initial application or on a social security disability denial. When someone is denied initially, the need to get an attorney involved becomes even greater, as the stakes are higher to prove that the claim should ultimately be approved.

The above survey showed that 60% of those who had an attorney involved were approved, while only 33% were approved that attempted to obtain benefits without one.

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