Will I Get My SSDI Approval Faster If I Have a Lawyer?

When you are in need of something, getting whatever it is that will help your situation is crucial. When it comes to social security disability benefits, that is especially true. Without benefits, those unable to work due to their condition can fall on very difficult times.

Because of this, individuals applying for social security disability benefits hope to get approved as quickly as possible. And a key factor in getting approved is having a lawyer to assist you through the process. But will you get an SSDI approval faster by having a lawyer?

The simple answer to this is unfortunately, no. Having a lawyer alone does not mean that your case will be fast-tracked through the system above other applications or appeals. But, having a lawyer does greatly increase your chances of actually being approved, as an experienced SSDI and SSI lawyer can ensure that you have everything in order properly for your claim. And if you have already been denied, having a lawyer exponentially improves your chances to ultimately have your case approved.

How Can a Lawyer Help You Get Approved?

Lawyers understand the system that is in place for SSDI and SSI approvals more than anyone. A typical case has a 70% chance of being disapproved the first time, but overall, more than 50% of claims will ultimately be approved. The difference is often having a lawyer provide the proper documentation, meet the correct timelines and even speak on your behalf at the hearing.

Proving that there is a dire need for benefits through medical records and first-hand claims is crucial in getting approved. A lawyer can collect these items, get new medical professionals involved, and help you show a judge the legitimacy of your claim. Without the documentation and representation, it is easy for a case to be denied.

If you have a social security disability hearing scheduled, a lawyer can assist with getting the date of the hearing expedited as well. This is done by showing dire financial needs, for example. If someone is in danger of losing their house, is unable to pay for crucial medication, and other reasons, it is possible to get the hearing bumped up. But again, the proper channels need to be followed to make this a reality, and your lawyer is in the unique position of properly submitting these kind of claims.

Tabak Law has a long history of getting individuals in need approved for SSDI and SSI. The consultation is free, and best of all, there are no fees whatsoever unless you are ultimately approved for SSDI and SSI benefits. In this way, Tabak Law provides completely risk-free social security disability assistance to individuals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the entire United States.

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