When someone is awarded social security disability benefits, it is often a big relief for them. After all, the very reason for applying for social security disability insurance (SSDI), related directly to the need the individual has if they are unable to currently work. But after time, depending on the individual situation, it can be difficult to get by on those funds alone. People in this category often ask “Will my SSDI ever increase?

Will My SSDI Even Increase?

While there are technically ways to increase what you are currently receiving in SSDI benefits, they are unfortunately not possible for many individuals. Because SSDI benefits are calculated based on the average of your highest earning years, the only way to increase the current benefit amount that is received is to return to work. But even in that scenario, you would need to earn more in a year than what is currently being used to calculate your monthly payment from the Social Security Administration.

For example, if your current social security disability insurance payment is based on your top earnings year of $30,000, then you would need to work a job that earns you over $30,000 for the year to have a chance to increase your payment. And even then, just slightly clearing that bar wouldn’t allow the benefits to increase by a substantial amount.

veterans and ssd benefitsEven more problematic in the above scenario, is that you could actually lose your benefits entirely if you earn more than $1,260 per month, the income limit for a non-blind person in 2020. And obviously, $1,260 is significantly less than $30,000 per year, coming in at just over half of that amount at around $15,000 per year. Being that most individuals made more than that amount at some point in their lives, going back to work simply to earn more SSDI benefits is impossible for many.

While Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is an option for some as well, this is a needs based program and anyone in the above historical income scenario would be unlikely to qualify.

The rules of the SSDI income limits obviously exist to ensure that individuals that are receiving benefits truly deserve them as they are unable to earn substantial income. See what the projected 2021 social security disability income limit is expected to be.

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