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What Conditions Automatically Qualify You for Social Security Disability?

What conditions automatically qualify me for social security disability?

There are some conditions that automatically qualify you for social security benefits Getting injured, whether at home or at work, can be a frustrating ordeal. As we’ve documented over the past few years, there is a very specific process to claiming Social Security Disability, and making sure your claim actually gets approved. Hundreds of thousands…

I Was Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis but I Can Still Work. Should I Apply for Disability Benefits?

apply for disability benefits attorney Milwaukee WI

Multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnoses in Milwaukee, WI, are never easy news. The disease is incurable, the treatment is expensive, and the patient’s health condition degrades. More and more patients find themselves forced to apply for disability benefits.  The best way to decide whether to apply for disability benefits is to consult a Milwaukee disability lawyer….

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