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Gulf War Syndrome is a real illness that affects thousands of veterans who fought during the Gulf War. Tabak Law is here to help you learn all about the syndrome/illness including its history, symptoms, and more. Does Gulf War illness qualify you for VA benefits? We will help you understand that too!

What is Gulf War Syndrome?

Though combat during the Gulf War only lasted 43 days, shortly after a cluster of inexplicable symptoms arose among those who fought. These symptoms are now heavily documented and referred to collectively as Gulf War syndrome or Gulf War illness. Symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome are known to include:

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  • Muscle Aches
  • Joint Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Memory Lapses
  • Headaches

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What Causes Gulf War Syndrome?

In truth, it is unknown what the cause of Gulf War Syndrome is, but the medical evidence supporting its existence is incontrovertible. It is estimated that a third of all the men and women that served in the Persian Gulf during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm have symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome. That’s nearly 700,000 people.

Since so much is unknown about Gulf War Syndrome, the VA has just recently—as of April 2023—launched a study that is set to last five years. The study aims to understand the cause and to develop more effective treatments. If you would like to participate in the study, you can find out if you qualify and how to apply on the NIH website.

The current theory is that symptoms are related to amounts of sarin that would have been released when Iraqi chemical storage and production facilities were bombed. Sarin is often used as a chemical weapon and nerve agent. Production and stockpiling of the agent was outlawed as of 1997—several years after Gulf War operations concluded.

What is a Presumed Disease or Illness by the VA?

A presumed disease or illness is something that has not been proven to be tied to your military service but it is however accepted by the VA to be a result of your military service beyond a reasonable doubt. For example, COVID and the symptoms related to it are considered to be presumed if you contracted it during military service. Even if you were on leave when you contracted, it can still be considered connected to your service.

Is Gulf War Syndrome Considered Presumed or Connected?

This syndrome affects so many people, and it likely affects more than we even reported on here as some may not know that the symptoms they are experiencing could be related to their military service. The number of Gulf War veterans who are not getting benefits for these symptoms is estimated to be as high as 100,000

Luckily, the VA has recognized the strong ties between these symptoms and military service during Gulf War operations. The VA considered the symptoms related to Gulf War Syndrome to be presumed connected. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that we listed above and you served in Gulf War operations, then you likely qualify for VA benefits.

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Help Getting VA Benefits for Gulf War Syndrome

If you need legal help getting the benefits that you deserve for symptoms tied to the Gulf War, then you should reach out to Tabak Law. Especially if you have been denied benefits or a rating increase, our lawyers will be able to help. Reach out to us today for a free case review.

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