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Monica Irelan Karas is a partner and attorney at Tabak Law. Karas concentrates her practice on litigating veterans’ claims against The Department of Veteran’s Affairs, at the agency level, The Board of Veteran’s Appeals (BVA), and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). She is also a current member of the National Organization of Veteran’s Advocates (NOVA).

Monica Irelan Karas and the dedicated team at Tabak Law are committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of veterans. We are proud to support the GUARD Act (Giving Up Allowances for Responsible Decisions), a crucial piece of legislation that aims to protect veterans during the process of filing for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Attorney Monica Irelan Karas Talks Veteran Law on Milwaukee Radio

What is the GUARD Act?

The GUARD Act (S.740) seeks to reinstate criminal penalties for individuals and entities who illegally charge unauthorized fees for assisting veterans with their VA benefits claims. These predatory actors often target vulnerable veterans, promising to expedite their claims or secure larger benefits in exchange for exorbitant fees. The GUARD Act would deter these bad actors by making such actions punishable with fines and potential jail time.

Why is the GUARD Act Important?

Veterans rely on VA benefits to access critical healthcare, housing assistance, disability compensation, and other essential services. Unfortunately, some unaccredited individuals and companies exploit veterans’ needs, charging excessively for their ‘help’ while providing minimal or even harmful assistance. This can deplete the benefits a veteran rightfully deserves.

The GUARD Act would restore an important layer of protection for veterans, allowing the VA and other federal agencies to better enforce existing regulations and prevent fraudulent practices.

Tabak Law & Veteran Advocacy

Monica Irelan Karas at the U.S. Capitol in support of GUARD Act

At Tabak Law, we believe in giving back to the veteran community. Monica Irelan Karas, a partner and expert in veteran’s claims at our firm, recently traveled to Capitol Hill to voice support for the GUARD Act. Her dedication, and the dedication of our entire team, reflects our strong commitment to protecting veterans’ rights.

Karas is an active member of the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates (NOVA), demonstrating a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding veterans’ benefits processes. With this expertise, Tabak Law is uniquely positioned to guide veterans through these processes with integrity and compassion.

How to Apply for a VA Benefits Rating Increase

How Does the GUARD Act Help Veterans?

  • Deters Fraud—The threat of criminal penalties can help prevent predatory individuals from taking advantage of veterans.
  • Protects Benefits—Veterans get to keep the full amount of the benefits they’ve earned without losing portions to unnecessary fees.
  • Simplifies the Claims Process—With fewer bad actors spreading misinformation, veterans gain a clearer path to understanding and pursuing their benefits.

How Can You Show Your Support for the GUARD Act?

  • Contact Your Representatives—Voice your support for the GUARD Act to your senators and congressional representatives.
  • Spread the Word—Share information about the Act and its importance on social media or within your network.
  • Choose Accredited Representation—If you’re a veteran seeking assistance with a VA benefits claim, work with accredited representatives, attorneys, or Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs).

Let Tabak Law Fight for Your Veterans’ Rights

Tabak Law is here to assist veterans with their benefits claims. We also stand ready to answer questions about the GUARD Act and other legislation impacting the veteran community. Our goal is not only to help veterans secure the benefits they deserve but to advocate for laws that protect them every step of the way.

Let us help you navigate the VA benefits system with clarity and confidence. Contact us today for support.

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