Tabak law had the pleasure of donating a check in the amount of $3,693.39 to the Glendale Police Department to help in ensuring they continue to have access to the resources necessary to keep our community a place we love and enjoy!

Making a difference starts at home. When you want to improve your local economy, donating to local causes is one answer. The money you donate to a charity in your hometown will stay local, and help the people in your community better their lives. While donating to any charity is useful, but when you donate to a charity in your locality, the money you spend is going to have a direct impact on those around you.

Tabak law supporting the community!

Tabak law supporting the community!

Keeps Your Money Local

Investing in your community is important. When you donate your money to a charity that spends its money locally, you are boosting your own economy. The money you provide isn’t used to pay salaries of executives for a national charity, and instead is used at home. Your goal for any charitable donation should be to keep the money flowing in your own community.


Provides Opportunities for Growth in Your Community

People living in poverty need opportunities for growth in order to get out of poverty. In 2014, 14.8% of the US population lived in poverty. When you donate money for programs that help the working poor make their way out of poverty, you are helping to create a population within your community that is stronger. In general, your community is only as strong as your weakest members. When more people are able to live a better life because they no longer have to struggle every day, your community is going to improve.


Allows for the Use of Local Resources

Money that stays in your local community means that local resources are also going to be used. For example, if you donate funds to a garden project, supplies for the project can be purchased at a local nursery. Your donation can build a relationship between businesses in the community and the projects built to improve the lives of those that live within it. Spending money at locally owned shops is always important, as this helps keep your community thriving.


Encourages Others to do the Same

When you invest in a local program, you will inspire others to do the same. You can learn more about charitable services in your area, and become part of the change that you want to see. When you make a donation, you can encourage your friends and family to make a donation as well. When you can see where your donation dollars are spent, it makes it much easier to believe in the overall cause of a charity.


Invests in Your Own Programs

Where you spend your charitable dollars is important. When you are ready to make your community a better place for everyone that lives within it, you have to do your research. Look for programs that offer direct opportunities for support or growth in your town. Find the programs that are providing the services you believe are essential for your community to thrive. When you invest in a program that you believe in, you will feel more connected to the donation that you make. In addition, you may be able to find ways that you can donate your time and talents to the cause as well.

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