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Do you Suffer From Back Pain After Years of Work?

  Tabak Law’s workers compensation department specializes in aiding injured worker’s. If you suffer with back pain after years of work you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. Give us a call today for a RISK FREE consultation. Pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting, bending, twisting: Some jobs require a great deal of physical work; but… Read more

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Loss of Earning Capacity In Wisconsin

With more than 50,000 new cases of CRPS being diagnosed in the United States each year it is not uncommon to see an injured worker dealing with this horrible disease after a suffering a work injury. Unfortunately, the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can be utterly debilitating leaving the injured worker unemployable. The question… Read more

Attorney Alex Eichhorn Workers Compensation Attorney
Workers Compensation

Important Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Decisions 2018

Below please find a summary of several important cases along with the decision the Wisconsin Court of Appeals made in 2017 and 2018. These decisions will continue to shape Wisconsin worker’s compensation in the years to come. COURT OF APPEALS DECISIONS 1. Amalga Composites, Inc. v. LIRC, 2016 AP 1445 (Ct. App. July 5, 2017) …. Read more

Workers Compensation

What Injuries Are Covered by Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Law?

INJURIES COVERED BY WORKER’S COMPENSATION LAW Wisconsin’s workers compensation law defines an injury as any mental or physical harm due to workplace accidents or diseases, including accidental damage to artificial limbs, dental appliances and teeth. Injuries covered under worker’s compensation law of Wisconsin include: Wisconsin Workers Compensation Law Covers Physical harm or injury such as bruises,… Read more

Work Injury
Workers Compensation

Who Is Covered By The Worker’s Compensation Law In Wisconsin?

WHO IS COVERED BY THE WORKER’S COMPENSATION LAW? All employees working for an employer (other than farmers) with three or more workers are protected immediately by the Worker’s Compensation Act. Employers with fewer than three workers come under the law if they pay wages of $500 or more in any quarter of a calendar year…. Read more

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