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Local Events

Oktoberfest 2023 Events in Milwaukee

Are you looking to try some local beers, experience some German culture, and get into Oktoberfest? Tabak Law has put together a list of our favorite Oktoberfest 2023 Events in Milwaukee. You won’t want to miss out on these. Top Oktoberfest of 2023 in the Milwaukee Area There is so much going on in the… Read more

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Social Security Disability

Can You Get SSDI for Diabetes?

There are a lot of conditions, illnesses, and disabilities that will qualify you for disability, but what about diabetes? Can you get SSDI for diabetes? That’s actually a tricky question. We will dive into it, look at the Social Security Blue Book, and help you find out if you might qualify and should apply. Is… Read more

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Social Security Disability

Top 5 Reasons for Denied SSDI Claims

Denial claims for SSDI are common, but what are the top 5 reasons for denied SSDI claims? Find out what you can expect, what your course of action should be, and how Tabak Law can help you get the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits that you deserve. Why is your SSDI Claim Being Denied? First,… Read more

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Social Security Disability

Does Kidney Disease Qualify You for SSDI in Wisconsin?

Kidney disease, often referred to as Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD, can be a painful, demanding, and difficult disability. If you’ve been diagnosed with it, then you likely could use some assistance. Does kidney disease qualify you for SSDI in Wisconsin? Tabak Law is here to help. We’ve assisted many people in getting the Social… Read more

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Social Security Disability

Can You Qualify For SSDI if You’ve Never Worked?

Thinking about applying for Social Security Disability Insurance? You are probably wondering how it all works and what the limits are, but what if you’ve never worked before? Can you qualify for SSDI if you’ve never worked before? We can get to the heart of that question quickly and explain SSDI work credits in the… Read more

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Social Security Disability

Can You be on Unemployment While Filing for SSDI?

Circumstances can be tough when a disability is preventing you from working. Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI may be able to help, but that takes time. You may be waiting to hear back  From the Social Security Administration on the status of your claim, or perhaps even in the waiting period before you can… Read more

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Social Security Disability

Can You Get SSDI Benefits Increased if Your Disability Worsens?

Life can be hard for those with a disability. If you’re the recipient of Social Security Disability Insurance–often shortened to SSDI–then you at least have income that you can rely on, but what if your condition gets worse? Can you get SSDI benefits increased if your disability worsens? Does SSDI Change Based on Your Disability?… Read more

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Workers Compensation

What Does Work-Related Mean for Worker’s Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is there for you if you get hurt on the job. If you work construction and injure your finger with a power tool while on the job, then that’s work-related obviously, but other injuries, especially those that occur over time, can feel like they fall into a bit of a gray area. What… Read more

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Social Security Disability

What To Do When Your Disability Claim is Denied

Submitting a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim can be stressful, the waiting more so, and getting a denial letter in the mail can feel like the end of the world. This will leave you wondering what to do when your disability claim is denied. Should you file a new claim? Is there legal recourse?… Read more

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